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Mandy Milford
Hilltop Studio is run by Mandy Milford. Mandy was a Chartered Engineer (Engineering Geologist) for 23 years in her former life and as a professional engineer/designer and project manager travelled the World working in varying extremes of climate, culture and conditions. In fact, everything that could be thrown at Mandy probably was! A career change came about by a combination of desire and chance, enabling Mandy to follow her lifelong passion of photography.

Mandy specialised in newborn baby photography for five years whilst still working as an engineer before biting the bullet and pursuing photography full-time. Now fully confident and competent in all aspects of digital photography, Mandy continually updates her skills and ideas by attending educational seminars, workshops and conventions whenever and wherever possible to prevent the possibility of becoming stale. Mandy is a member of SWPP, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and The Society of International Fashion and Glamour Photographers (SIFGP).